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Sail Ionian are looking for a qualified marine engineer and a yacht engineer for the 2018 season.

Marine Engineer

Spring 2018 in the Ionian

Sail Ionian is looking for a qualified and experienced marine engineer to start work in March 2018.  Candidates must have a high level of practical experience on small craft.  This job would suit an active person with good people skills.  Sail Ionian demand a high level of initiative and teamwork skills.


Yacht Engineer

Spring 2018 in the Ionian

We require a yacht engineer to join our team for 2018.  Applicants should be able to demonstrate a good understanding of common yacht systems. Experience with yachts and small craft is essential.  Some key skills required are; electrical fault diagnosis, diesel/petrol engine maintenance, GRP repairs, carpentry, scuba diving & powerboat driving.

Training is available.



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